An Inclusive Education

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“To combat prejudices caused by differences in economic, political, racial, and religious backgrounds; to strive for a world outlook, putting oneself in others’ places no matter how far away or how remote.” — Carmelita Hinton, Fundamental Principles of The Putney School, 1954

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The Putney School embraces and encourages awareness, understanding, and appreciation for the expression of diverse experiences, and has since its founding. Inclusivity is a fundamental principle of the school and it is lived out in every aspect of school life and programs — in admissions and hiring, in the academic and residential curriculum, and in the moral development and interpersonal relationships of all members of our community.

We foster intellectual freedom and know that for students to become their best selves, they must feel welcomed, comfortable, and included in every part of the school culture. We offer effective support services on campus to affirm and ensure the safety, dignity, and welfare of every individual and group on campus.

We encourage free expression of a student’s own identity in the larger community. We offer opportunities to explore cultural differences and commonalities through respectful and civil discussion and reflection in assemblies and presentations as well as through off-campus social events, leadership workshops, and overseas school trips.

The Student Diversity Committee on campus and Diversity Committee of the Board ensure that the school promotes diversity through our program and hiring, recognizing that a diverse faculty and staff is crucial to the success of the school and the fullest possible education of its students. Putney was one of the first boarding schools in the Northeast to enroll students of color. Our tradition of active, principled social and political engagement placed the school in the forefront of the drive for social justice in the 1950s, ’60s, and ’70s and continues today.

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